Midwest Military Academy

"The Making of a Cadet Is the Making of a Man." - Midwest Military Academy

Midwest Military Academy (MMA) was a male only military boarding school for grades 3 through 8. It was located in Wheaton Illinois. The Academy functioned within a highly structured environment. The class sizes were small with daily routines and order being the principal characteristics.

Boys were encouraged to be social, which in turn contributed to their close camaraderie with their classmates. Conformity was a key component within the academy. Compliance to rules and schedules were achieved with strict discipline coupled along with peer pressure. Cadets were encouraged to progress thru the military style ranking system. Rank promotions were awarded in order to give recognition to a cadet's hard work, effort and display of leadership. A cadet's rank at Midwest Military Academy, gave the young man credibility and leadership opportunities.

The purpose of Midwest Military Academy was to help boys develop self-discipline which prepared them to be responsible citizens, respecting the rights of others. Cadets also learned to be independent and accountable for their own actions. In addition to developing the leadership skills necessary to guide others, Midwest Military Academy encouraged solidarity among students as they learned to work together as a team.

Small class sizes with fewer students were an advantage of the school. The academy employed teachers who guided students and acted as mentors. Due to the exceptional size of the school, there were ample opportunities for each student to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities with more personal contact with teachers than most educational institutions.